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Fence offers you privacy, security and peace of mind in your garden. But if the fence posts are damaged, faded, battered (or just plain ugly) the fence can detract from the overall impact of your outdoor space.

There’s no point in having a beautiful home and smart garden only for a bit of poor fencing to let it down.

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Give a residence the elegant look of wrought iron fence without the expensive maintenance demanded by traditional wrought iron. Steel fences are popular with developers for its maintenance free coating and durable steel construction while having the appealing look of a traditional wrought iron fence, but with none of the complicated and expensive maintenance demanded by old-fashioned wrought iron. Many also prefer steel fence over aluminium fencing for the additional strength that a welded steel fence has compared to aluminium fences.

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We have a solution for every property, including curves, contours, slopes and changes in levels. Posts may be concreted into the ground or fastened onto existing concrete or timber decks. We can incorporate Fencing and Gates between existing
 Masonry or Brick Pillars.



During Victorian times the picket fence grew amazingly complex to rival the details of stylish cast iron fencing. The first picket fences were staves pounded into the soil and connected by a stringer at the top. Of course this did not last long because the wood in contact with earth rotted out. The more evolved fence has posts with a top and bottom stringer to keep the base of the pickets free of contact with the soil. The trend to waterfront developments has seen an increase in the use of steel as a fencing material. Steel fencing has reinvented the pickets because of its trim look, appealing detail options and low maintenance. Now homeowners are investing in a steel picket fence due to the maintenance free aspect. There is no need to repaint every few years, as is the case with wood. Modern design has seen many fences utilizing the material in the form of elegant vertical or horizontal slats. One of our most popular styles is the ‘Horizontal’ picket fence.

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Replacing ugly or broken fence posts and fencing is one way to instantly transform your garden.
Beautiful fencing and fence posts can complement your garden design, show off planting and provide a fabulous backdrop.
If you have a garden, patio or decking area where you want to relax in total peace, but the hedges or trees don’t give adequate screening, a new fence could be the solution.
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With its clean, crisp lines, COLORBOND steel looks great from both sides of the fence and won’t rot or be eaten away by termites. It also won’t burn. Once it’s up, there’s very little to do. Keep an eye on the bottom of the fence to ensure it’s clear of soil and garden debris, and give the whole fence an occasional wash down. With no vertical gaps for prying eyes, a fence made from COLORBOND steel is a great privacy screen and secure barrier.

There are 14 colours from which to choose, so you’re sure to find something to complement the rest of your home.

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Take some time off... and relax... right in your own backyard. Create a safe and secure play area for your children. Eurostar steel fence with high quality powder coat finish satisfies a timely need as the next generation in privacy and security fencing. It solves the common problems associated with wood, composite and vinyl privacy fences. No nails to come out, no plastic to break... and no maintenance!