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We custom design, build and install high quality door and window security bars. All our grilles can be customised to suit any specific design or architectural style.

Home security bars types:


  • Permanent security bars are designed for constant, long-term use;
  • Swing-away bars are hinged for cleaning the window glass or for emergency access;
  • Removable bars are designed to be used when bars may detract from appearances. A typical application is for small stores or residences zoned for commercial use. At night, the bars slip into place; during the day, they can be removed and stored out-of-sight.
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Bars on door or windows are a highly effective security. Home security bars are basically stout metal grids that are screwed or bolted through window frames to the structural framing. The simplest versions steel security screens have 3 or 4 steel bars set in a metal frame. More elaborate custom-designed wrought-iron bars are accented with artistic motifs and scrollwork.